@G-wheel's Stand Bike is coming back again!! This is the begining of our company work!!

@You can choose 2 motor types, Fuel Gasoline or Battery Charging Type.

@Get this more exciting Stand Bikes, and Ride on these products yourself!!

@From G-wheel's Reverse three-wheel ATV Trike, New Type Trike which became more powful in every respect was on sale!! It is called "WK250".

@Engine Type turned from Air-cooled to Water-cooled.

@Body design had made big change, and it brought more high speed stability and more cooled design into reality than before.

@You can get this Trike only our website!!


Now, it became more popular in street Skateboarders!! G-board Pro, Road surf pro is now on sale!!
This thing overcame normal skate boards. In 2010, "G-board" will become popular I certain!!
Don't miss this Big Wave!!