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G-wheel TM New Hot Bike, NEW TRIKER 3W ATV, Stand Bike, New Stand Bike Revo, KXD Mini moto Dirt bike etc...


This is the new developed and designed model for on-road, which emerge in the world for the first time ,and it begins to sell quickly and smoothly with its extraordinary devise ! You can take a ride not only on the road,but also on the meadow, rural hillside ,villiage,sand beach and snowfiled. At the same time,it can be used for working and hiking as well ! The bike applies the original binding ultra wide tyre and the second shaft. You can experience the shrinkability of extending and retracting  from cellar to rafter of the rear wheels. It can be achieved to a maximum of 300mm. The automatic clutch and the mannul clutch on left hand side of high popularity are both applied ,which are suitable for entertainment and formal activity. You can not just enjoy the portability ,merriness of gear change in light motorcycle , but the jolliness of engine motor.


New Triker 3W-ATV is out of the common in its layout, with 250cc large engine. This model is equipped with advanced frame designing to render it highly stable.
・Trike registration: General motor vehicle driver's license( Automatic two-wheels  don't need a license)
・Manual. four front gears ,one rear gear. without helmet & two persons riding
・Strongest and highest : to be used for on-road and off-road
・Japanese Parts : to provide excellent quantity and durable performance parts
・HID standard full kit (option):12v 35w 8000k(colour:white and cyan)
・KMC racing chain&system tensioner&new rear step!
・New product absolutely inexistent in other companies!


・New feeling: The vehicle begins to come into being in the market
・Cool: It is very attractive and you can be the focus of the attention if you are used to it.
・Fun:You will enjoy the new feelings that hasn`t ever experienced. It suits to ride at any place at random.
・Tough: Using the new-developed inner frame, the bike can be drived steadily even in the rough terrains .
・Light: It is of the compact size that can be carried on other objects


It is a minimoto with the original design, latest fashion and has launched on the Japanese market for the first time.Playing togher will have great fun by riding this model. It can be used in the mountain,seaside,lakeside,riverside and so on. It is mostly suitable for outdoor actives such as camp-out and barbecue. it also can be carried on cars because of its compact size.


To adopt" G-board Road surf pro from USA" with standare and professional models 
Feature :
・to allocate NSK bearing Made in japan
・to install rotatable wheels to take precautions against uneven rolling in the travel
・to use lightweight and portable resin to reduce the heavy triple burdens on foot.
There exsits some products similar as G-board,but you can easily perceive the discrepancy between them once you try a ride.At the same time,We are willing to recommend customers high-quantity,performance and safety merchandises,which are both secure to use for beginners and children.


世界初! 国際特許技術 ”3Dエンジンブレード”新搭載!脅威の推進力を実現!!
絶好調!ブレイク寸前 国内最高峰モデル G-board Gボード ジーボードの走行シーン!
人気に陰りがあるJボード ジェイボードやブレイブボードと乗り比べれば推進力の違いが実感!



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New Hot Bike

G-wheel TM New Hot Bike